The first rule of twins club…

Twins Club is actually called ‘Twin’s Group’. I just call it ‘Twin’s Club’ because I find it amusing that it sounds similar to the movie ‘Fight Club’. Maybe because I studied Media at University, or maybe just because I suspected that there were quite a few similarities between the two; I decided to re-watch the movie to see if there were any connections. Oh my! I was right…

The main character in Fight Club doesn’t have a name, he is ‘Everyman’. (Just like how ‘Mummy’ is used instead of your own name!) ‘Everyman’ has a reasonably well paid job and an attractive apartment but he suffers from insomnia. He joins clubs for people suffering from various ailments as this makes him able to sleep. When Brad Pitt’s character shows up ‘Everyman’s’ apartment is destroyed (sound familiar Mummy???), he loses all of his precious belongings (this is due to an explosion whereas my precious belongings have been trashed by two little people), he moves into a house with Brad Pitt which is filthy (I don’t have time to clean my house either), falling apart (or to fix anything that’s broken) and is a shell of its former glory (bit like me really). Brad and ‘Everyman’ create ‘Fight Club’ – a secret club that only selected members of society are members of. (See! It’s Twins Club!) The members appear to be normal people, but if you look really closely you’ll spot the clues. Bags under their eyes from lack of sleep, gazing into space and the cuts and bruises. (But this is generally from dinner bowls being thrown across the room as opposed to actual fights.)
It’s not just the storyline that connects the film and being a parent of small people…
Following the support groups he attends that eases the insomnia, he says “Babies don’t sleep this well.” It’s true. They don’t.
“Losing all hope was freedom.” Believing that your hopes and prayers will result in sleeping babies won’t result in sleeping babies, but perhaps (just perhaps) giving up hope altogether might do???
“You’re never really asleep, and you’re never really awake.” This is the first six months of having a baby (or two). It’s really blurry in my mind. I know stuff must have happened, but I’m just not quite sure what.
When Brad Pitt meets ‘Everyman’ he says “There’s a sick desperation in your laugh.” This happens to most parents at some point. ‘Yes, it’s so rewarding becoming a parent… ha ha…ha ha…ha ha…HA HA!!!!!!!!!’
“Motherf**ker – you hit me in my EAR!” …and my mouth. That happens quite a lot. They also manage to pinch my skin frequently. Not a normal pinch, but a teeny, tiny amount of skin pinch. The type that really, really hurts.
“Everywhere we went, we were sizing things up.” Just like when you take twins to a house that is not baby-proofed. You spend all of the time saying ‘Sorry’ to the grown-ups and ‘No’ to the children.
In the movie the group of fighters eventually evolve into the aptly named ‘Project Mayhem’. It’s an anti-corporate, anti-materialism group who redesign safety cards on airplanes and plot to blow up credit card companies. I may now have now taken the metaphor too far (!) but the general theme of a rein of terror and chaos that is known as ‘Project mayhem’ is DEFINITELY something that applies to raising twins.

I’d love to hear about other films you think relate to raising twins (plus it’s a nice excuse for me to watch a movie). 🙂


  1. Jacqui Dixon · May 20, 2015

    Abdolutely love this blog! Well done, you hit the nail on the head.
    I run a twin group and this is just fantastic 🙂


  2. TwinMumAmongstOtherThings · May 21, 2015

    Aww…thank you Jacqui. 🙂 As I was watching the movie I thought ‘it’s like they scripted it to fit Twins club!’ Which twins club do you run? x


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