Oooh, this is new

Having twins tends to ensure that random people on the street come over to you to talk. They tend to tell you about their friend who has twins, or a family they know of who have had multiple sets of twins, or the twins where one is black and one is white. Whatever story they choose to tell you they will always initially say one of three things:
“You’ve got your hands full.”
Yep, yes I do. I literally have two hands and two babies. It’s tough sometimes, but, y’know what? you’d cope too if you had twins. Sometimes at baby groups I notice other Mum’s looking with a ‘How is she going to deal with this situation???’ curiosity. It’s a bit like being part of a freak show. Generally I try to convey a look of calm and sense of control despite a little diva (or two) creating chaos. I can’t help feeling that my career as a Wedding and Events Manager was training for what I do now…especially when one of my girls is screaming due to a ridiculously unimportant detail of their day. The irony is not lost on me.

“Double trouble.”
When met with this phrase, I simply nod and smile. My daughters had some tricky times in the early days (I’ll blog about that another time) but they are quite good sleepers and quite good eaters. When it’s all getting a bit overwhelming, I repeat those words over and over again. You can cope with anything providing they sleep through the night, right? Except when they are teething…oh, and when they have a nightmare and cry out just once (enough to wake me up and stay awake for at least an hour), oh, and that time they had the tummy bug…
“Buy one, get one free!”
Whoever says this to you thinks they have been completely original. Let them have it – it’s sweet that they’ve made the effort to come over and talk. The crazy thing is, it’s not only hard work having twins, it’s flippin’ expensive too. When ‘normal’ people have one child, and then decide to have another a few years later, they already have most of the stuff that they can use for the second child. Not with twins. Nope, you have to buy EVERYTHING in duplicate.
A friend gave me a cot bed. ‘Fantastic!’ I thought, they can share something at last. They did share, peacefully, for a little while. Then I spotted one of them climbing on top of the other baby. Hmm…time to buy a second cot bed. It turns out that I couldn’t find a matching one, so this resulted in buying TWO brand new cot beds.
Although hearing those words are not new to me, blogging about them definitely is. I love hearing about twin experiences, so feel free to comment and tell me your twin tales.

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